Under the orders of Cara Delevingne, Kaia Gerber becomes the actress with more style


The period of quarantine has given so muchespecially if we look at the sphere celebrity. There is someone who has dedicated this time to create fun choreography in Ti k-Tok as Jennifer Lopez, who has become the hair stylist of your personal partner as Miley Cyrus or whoever wanted to show your playful side with the challenges that are popular on the network such as the family Ferragnezand then there are Cara Delevingne and Kaia Gerber, who have surpassed all others. And is that the models, taking advantage of that and have passed the confinement in a mansion in Los Angeles with other friends, have been involved in the filming of a music video for one of the themes of the singer Rainsford, Crying in the Mirror, being the daughter of Cindy Crawford the protagonist of the sequences. The result? Kaia has been shown to have the same magnetism on top of the walkway in front of the cameras.

kaia gerber

And is that the top model has stopped -at least for a few days – her role as a model to star in, for the second time, a music video. On the one hand, Face has been in charge of directing the audiovisual piece (something that had not done so far) and on the other, Kaia had already taken part in the music video Burnoutone of the jobs of the singer John Eatherlybut not from the hand of the british. “Don’t be fooled by the tears, we had so much fun filming this video. ¡¡¡Amos guys!!! I feel very lucky to be able to work with my friends“, has been the emotional message with which the californian has shown, its more than 5 million followers, the work in which he has been immersed for the past two months, taking advantage of the break from the catwalks. Face has also done the same and he thanked the professionalism of the whole team. “What a luck that my debut as a director has been in a song so amazing as my friend Rainsford starring Kaia Gerber and Gregg Sulkin”.

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With the classic style, simple and minimalist, characterized by,, Kaia has made such a show of your good taste to dress, and we, like good fashionistas we are, we realized that all of the looks that has worn during the more than three minutes video clip they are absolute trend. Cárdigans of pastel colours, slip dresses, jeans cuffed, cropped tops with puffed sleeves, dresses flower… There is not a single stylistic trend that the model to overlook in their bets. What we don’t know is if the clothing will be picked up from your own wardrobe, to his mother, it is very common to see them exchanging clothes, or the will have just for filming, but it is clear: if you want a brief summary of the trends star this summer, only have to do click.

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