United states barre to Chile without Alex Morgan


United states do not give any option to a willful selection of Chile, who could hardly oppose the character brave of their players and the talent of its great star, the goalkeeper Christiane Endler, who prevented the win by 3-0 would be greater.

The physical strength of the americans and the instinct scorer of the veteran Carli
Lloyd were too much for a chilean who just arrived to unsettle the frame opposite and pretty much had to defend a rush by us, in order to reap its second defeat in two matches in this World female.

The Park of the Princes hung the sign “No tickets” and received for all high, in a wonderful afternoon for the practice of soccer, to Chile and the U.S. triple world champion and big favorite in this tournament. Coach american, Jill Ellis, left on the bench for his superstar Alex
Morganbut given equal.

If anything, bragged about Ellis in a press conference on Saturday before the game was the depth of their template, that makes you play who you play, the team hold a very high level.

This is especially noticeable in their references offensive, a veritable catalog of alternatives from which today especially shined Lloydthe legendary model’s 36 years since this Sunday is also the first player to put goals in six consecutive matches of the World Cup.

In fact, with her so much before Thailand in the historic victory of the first day (13-0), became the second player older to score in this competition, after the brazilian Formiga.

The game only had the story States
United states he wanted to, and that Endler allowed. From the first minute it was clear that the americans were not going to speculate and went to seek his classification mathematics for the next phase, where you will be escorted to Sweden, winner previously of Thailand.

Lloyd left several attempts already in the first moves, until the minute 11 chased flawlessly in a decline of defense chilean and spliced a volley that Endler was only able to look at enter.

Chile lived a moment of fleeting hope to get Warrior to finish off a goal a free kick from inside the area, with failure of the archer american included. But the joy lasted the time it took the judge out of line in raising the flag and cancel the out-of-game.

The midfielder chilean Yanara Aedo had warned of the danger of the US in the balls detainees by the height of the rivals: it is of little use.

Two corner kicks (26’ and 35’) finished off to perfection-head Erz and, again, Lloyd ended up with the dream chilean to score against the tournament favorites.

The shock went to the locker room settled office, with the only doubt if the US could come close to the prowess of his debut against Thailand, when I arrived at the rest with the same score and ended up winning by 13-0.

However, after passing through the locker rooms, the american ran into a wall called Endlerthat oposita to be named best goalkeeper of the World.

The goalkeeper of Paris Saint-Germain, who played before their fans, the stopped all the colors: above, below, strong, placed… there was Endler to thwart the attempts, above all, the incisive Press.

Until he saw Chile how to Lloyd missed a penalty ten minutes from the end, the ofcial German had blown somewhat incomprehensible, after consultation with the VAR.

Not moved the marker and Chile must wait for the last day to try to pass round as a best third if defeat to Thailand, while the US will play the first place with the swedes.