Users criticize to Lady Gaga; they prefer filtered version of the Free Woman, that the current


After the singer Lady Gaga promote his new album “Chromatica“, where it launches the final version of the song ‘Free Woman’, users on social networks criticized the result and now prefer the previous version.

At the beginning of the month of may, leaked a demo of the theme ‘Free Woman’, with rhythms more relaxed; now the new version has rhythms more dance-based, because of this people are upset by the change ‘radical’ of the song.

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The demos, Free Woman, and Babylon were better than the end result! Tell him that he is to return to the ballads”, “The version that was leaked of Free Woman I liked it better than the album version“, Free Woman it is totally different to the demo. Now the choir is much more distinguishable and have a break instrumental accompanying. It is more clean and less explosive than the filtered version. Cut to the bridge “I want to be be be free”, the most notorious of change”, are some of the comments on social networks.

This fact, made that ‘Free Woman’ again the trend in Twitter, due to the different opinions of the people for the issue that remasterizara Lady Gagasomething that also happens with the song “Babylon”.