Venus Williams made her debut in the world of cosmetics with their line EleVen


At the mention of the name of Venus Williams is almost impossible not to imagine her on the tennis courts or any olympic competition international, and it is not least because, unlike its smaller sister, the also athlete Serena stays away from interviews, covers and all kinds of social activities.

However, the four times winner of olympic gold 49-year-old now reveals a side few know about: the business, which seeks to take advantage by launching to the market its own line of cosmetics of beauty.

While at a glance it might seem that his profession has nothing to do with the new business that intends to take, the truth is that there is a connection. Given that you must spend long hours exposed to the air under different atmospheric conditions, the athlete has had to pay a lot of attention to the care of your skin. After years of using the products offered by the market, considered that it was time to choose his own line, whose first two products are a sunscreen SPF 30 and a serum moisturizer with an spf 35.

“I’m a crazy care of the skin,” confesses the player to the Forbes magazine. “Especially because my work is the sun, so I have to protect it. After all, it is the largest organ of the body. Many times people do not take care of their skin like the rest of your body. If you eat well, you exercise… you have to take care of what you put, and also protect it. As a strong supporter of the solar protection, to do this has been a natural step for me,” says Williams.

The products of his line, who draws under the brand EleVen, in alliance with the form of the beautiful Creed, are made on the basis of a formula cleans, because the tennis player says that there is to be conscious of what we put in the body. In addition, the same Williams has revealed that up to the packaging of their cosmetics are eco-friendly. “It was a key aspect, because we have to think about what we are doing, in our global impact,” he says.