Warner Bros. would have on plans for a second movie


Though Birds of Prey or Suicide Squad were successful than expected, and even received some reviews not very positive, Warner Bros. Pictures seems to have a lot of confidence and engagement of Harley Quinn and Margot Robbiewho gives life in its film version.

This is because, in accordance with Jeremy Conradknown for revealing exclusive or filter projects Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC’s Extended Universestudies have already begun discussions to prepare a new project starring the anti-hero -perhaps the favorite of fans of comics-.

This year, we’ve seen Harley Quinn on the big screen with Birds of Prey, his animated series in the DC Universe is amazing, and will return to theaters in August with The Suicide Squad, but it seems that Warner Bros didn’t want to wait much time to start the project to have it again on the big screen”, wrote Conrad, in a report of DCEU Mythic.

What is stated in this information could give strength back to the idea of watching a movie alone starring Harley Quinn, and considering that Warner Bros. has already begun to find the formula to structure your stories to convince the critics and the fans, this project could be the opportunity to prove it.

Remember that Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinnreleased this year not had the expected success, but you can not say that it was not profitable.

The movie directed Cathy Yan told with a budget of 84 million 500 thousand dollars on the part of the studios, and managed to raise little more 201 million dollars. But, though it failed to convince all the fans, really some connoisseurs of the comic books and people of the specialized press gave positive reviews to the film which, we must recognize, has intense moments, hilarious and even spectacular.

Your disclaimer should be a dimension as it was one of the many film productions that was affected by the crisis of the coronavirus, did not remain long enough in theaters in some major markets. Then, a second film of Harley Quinn, this time solo, could be an opportunity for the character and for the whole universe of movies DC.