We said goodbye to may with the new songs of Rosalia, Lady Gaga and Anuel AA, among others | Music


Now yes, yes: the summer is just around the corner. Proof of this is the wave of hits that bring our favorite artists. And that is, if the past week were Lali and Carly Rae Jepsen some of which put rhythm to our weekend, now comes the turn of other reference names within the industry. Some, even, already read in the news of the past may 22.

Lady Gaga is one of them, who has returned this week with a new album under the arm, and with it has come a musical repertoire of diverse people. Although it is not the only highlight, for they have landed with their new themes of success Rosalia and Anuel AA, among others. With them we can prepare for June the pace of their collaborations more ground-breaking. Let’s give our all!

Friday, 29 may

Lady Gaga, BLACKPINK – Sour Candy. The wait is over. Lady Gaga has returned to the industry and the music for everything high and, in addition, very well accompanied. On his new album has counted with the participation of other of their colleagues in the profession, and we do not speak of any. They are Elton John, Ariana Grande, and BLACKPINK. And that is if there is a topic that has revolutionized social networks is that you share with the girlband K-Pop, which comes with a few beats of pop and electronic that has already become the favorite soundtrack of anyone who will listen. “Close your eyes, don’t look. Now I am undressing you. He unwraps the candy, bitter, come, come, desenvuélveme”, say some of his verses.

Rosalia, Travis Scott – TKN. Another of the collaborations most anticipated has seen the light on this Friday of news. This time it is the union of Rosalia with the rapper and ex of Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott. Both come together in a theme rompepistas with an urban-based of the most catchy. In your video clip, both are around children on their own Never, Ever, a production that breaks with the images home that the singer came to us offering to CANADA.

Anuel AA, Bad Bunny – Up To God To Say. The reguetonero has partnered with other major benchmarks of the genre to launch this new theme included in their latest album EMMANUEL. And of course, with these names, don’t expect anything other than a success story. Anuel and the Rabbit Bad join in a song of pure reggaeton whose letter is related to those actions of which we repent of not having done it in love.

Dasoul – Ask Me. The canary I wanted his return to the music industry to give of what to speak, and so it has been. Although as we hinted in an interview with LOS40, Dasoul has broken with the style that we gave in the previous projects to show us the influences that have dominated his life in this rest professional. In Ask Me bet music synth wave with a touch of romantic and dark. The clicks and beats of your base we move to a scenario sensual that makes this theme in a single work. The song will be part of your album Dose.

Carlos Right – Prisoner. To provide more urban beats to our weekend, Carlos Right has dared to show us also a new style. The singer offers us a few own sounds of reggaeton to talk about this girl that so many hearts conquest. Don Carlos feels a real prisoner of your love! And we of this new song will sound, and much, in the bars of the country.

Danna Paola – Single. Have you ever felt that singleness has been your best option? And they say that it is better to be alone than badly accompanied, right? Because this is the new that brings the mexican. Danna Paola makes us vibrate with the Latin rhythms in midtempo of your new topic to show us that if that person you love is not lights your best version, not worth the trouble. Because it is not just a matter of loving the alien, but also love yourself.

Tones & I – You’re So Fucking Cool. The interpreter Dance Monkey he’s back with a new hit, this time with a slower tempo. And is that even though it has already interpreted this theme on more than one occasion on the stage, the australian was encouraged to throw it in the format single, and fans have been quick to celebrate. In this new issue, the singer talks about feeling uncomfortable with the falseness of some people, especially of those who swear eternal love and end up breaking his promise. Do you feel identified?

Alex Ubago – I Ask You For Another Chance. If you are a lover of the ballads, do not fear because Alex Ubago brings you your new favorite song. The singer has returned to the old ways, but this time to ask for a second chance to this love that doesn’t get forgotten. Don’t be surprised if, after listening to a few seconds of this theme, you get to travel at the beginning of 2000 when a young Ubago is featured with his guitar to the world.

Marlon – Tequila and Candela. Others who have set the bar high in the scene of pop/rock Spanish are Marlon. The asturians give us a song of rhythms of summer that we evade on a stage flooded by the good vibes, friends and beers. It’s the perfect plan! And is that your video clip appears to have been taken from an announcement of these well-known brands of soft drinks that have so dominated our summers.

And you, have you obsessed with any of these issues?