What brought Halsey and Niall Horan between hands? | Music


One has stepped on stages all over the world, along with his boyband One Direction, and another has reached the pinnacle of success after his collaboration with the successful band of K-Pop, BTS. We could say that we are dealing with two of the faces most promising of the music industry.

There is No doubt that both the followers of Niall Horan as of Halsey bleed listening to new music from your favorite artists. What they did not expect is that everything points to what will very soon… and together!

It all started when Niall announced the title of her new single at the annual event of Capitol at the beginning of August, which coincidentally was also attended by Halsey. Nice To Meet Ya becomes the successor of Seeing Blindand will do it with a few rhythms of the rock music of the 90’s and a touch of soul and dance.

After that, the irish changed his biography on Twitter with a nod to his next project. “Nice To Meet Ya, What’s Your Name?” “Pleased to meet you. What’s your name?)”are the words that are listed in your profile.

Everything seemed to flow with tranquility until their followers realised that the interpreter of Nightmare he also changed his bio, and his words relate to new Horan. “Hi, my name is Halsey. It’s nice to meet you” “(hi, Hello, my name is Halsey. Nice to meet you”)says.

This was soon to revolutionize the social networks. Will this be a hint of what that will bring to us soon? If we depended, we would say “yes” a million times. But they still have not confirmed anything, so we have to wait to meet him. Yes, playing ball is one of her favorite hobbies.

For fans of Halsey, this news has come after your favorite artist announced the release of their next single Graveyard on the 13th of September. A non-stop good news!

Now we can only wait for both to confirm or desmientan this rumour that many are convinced that it will happen sooner rather than later. And to you, what would you like to listen to them in the same topic?