What ended the love? Camila Cabello confessed something terrible about Shawn Mendes


Camila Hair and Shawn Mendes are one of the couples most beloved by the teen audience, in addition to being young with more success within the industry.

The relationship of the cuban and the canadian was not confirmed until a while ago, since they preferred to keep it a secret and pretend to only be friends.

But the fans were suspicious of a possible love affair because you could see them together very often. And so it was! Young people formalized their courtship, and the audience cheered.

However, it seems that the love is coming to an end. Since, according to said Camila in an interview, be in love with Shawn “it is exhausting”.

It all started when they asked the former Fifth Harmony if she would record a song with her boyfriend, as the previous two that they released, “Lady” and “I know what you did last summer”, were a total success.

The brunette replied that they were too young to get so much pressure, and that such requirement will remove the time and the will to win. As it is, to be in love with.

Immediately, fans began to speculate about a possible crisis of a couple. What will it be? For the time being, Shawn has not come out to say anything about it.