When did you marry Anuel AA and Karol G? | Love 40


There is something that Anuel AA and Karol G we have made clear during the quarantine, and it is that his love is unwavering. But that is not all, they have also dropped that are willing to take the “yes, I want to”.

So has confessed to the reguetonero in an interview with Billboard with the launch of his new album. Faced with the question of the journalist, Anuel has confessed with a wide smile, “they’re crazy for getting married”, even though the pandemic that we all live has delayed their plans. Yes, they are convinced that they will in 2020.

At the beginning of 2019, Karol G & Anuel AA decided to give a new and important step in their relationship by promising to marry in the near future. Everything seemed to run on wheels until the word “COVID-19” appeared in our lives. However, and although they have not given an exact date, we will soon see the interpreter Tusa dressed in white.

What they do have clear is that food and family are two fundamental elements that should not miss your appointment on this date so special. So what revealed itself to Karol in an interview, also said he is convinced into marriage at some place with a beach.

Music, food, beach, friends and family. There is No doubt that will be the most memorable day, not only for our protagonists, but for everyone who also live in first person. When? We will still have to wait to find out, although that will be this year.