With amazing photo Adele thanked staff health * Central Page


Today, Adele decided to return to the social networks and to thank his followers for their congratulations during your birthday number 32 through a message with which he also thanked the work of the staff of the health sector against the coronavirus.

The singer surprised his fans with his physical appearance because, although I had lost several months ago, now looked “unrecognizable,” according to commented.

Many have wondered how he has made the british singer to lose so many kilos.

Camila Goodis, known as the enchantress brazilian
bodies, revealed the diet to which they are subjected Adele to lose much weight.
In addition to eating half of the 2000 calories recommended per day for a
adult woman, the british singer started to do a lot of exercise, according
to the site the Sun.

“Been exercising much, but I think that ninety per cent was due to the diet. It is a good diet to reach the ideal weight. The first week was intense, as they were just green juices and 1000 calories a day. Changed his style of life,” said Goodis.

Goodis, of 36 years, teaches classes of pilates to the wife of
Robbie Williams at his home in Los Angeles and it was there that he met the winner
of the Oscar.

The diet and the exercise began in October after the feast of Drake, weeks after placing the request for divorce from his then partner Simon Konecki.