10 things to know Anna Kendrick

1. It was nominated for a Tony at the age of 12

Although solamos call her an actress, to dry, Kendrick has done a lot of singing career. And from a very young age. In 1998, with only 12 years, was nominated for a Tony for his role in the Broadway musical ‘High society’. A few years later, in 2003, participated in a production of ‘A little night music’ by Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler.

2. It was also nominated for an Oscar

Best supporting actress, for her role in ‘Up in the air’ (‘Love without scales’), the young apprentice of an expert on layoffs embodied by George Clooney. The director Jason Reitman was never raised ‘option B’ to embody this character: I wanted her and only her.

3. But ‘Twilight’ paid the bills

While I was doing small films that didn’t win too much (like ‘Up in the air’, in fact), to participate in this breed saga vampire saved her from eviction. Kendrick appeared in four deliveries as Jessica Stanley, the friend and classmate of Bella Swan.

4. But the saga that I like is ‘the Lord of The Rings’

Up to the point that they have undertaken, some years ago, an annual tradition: marathon home of the trilogy, always in the extended versions that for granted. They will also sagas such as ‘Game of thrones’, ‘star wars’ and ‘Harry Potter’. Is a ‘nerd’ in every rule, we’re going.

5. He sings nonstop

Kendrick has exploited his voice, soprano, also on Broadway in the popular franchise ‘by Giving the’ note, ‘Into the woods’, ‘The last five years’, ‘Trolls’ and sequel… With ‘Cups’, the review of a classic from The Carter Family included in the first ‘Giving a note’, reached the sixth position of the Hot 100 ‘Billboard’.

6. She starred in a video for LCD Soundsystem

It was in 2010, at the orders of David Yesterday, who told with her after for the thriller ‘No truce’. In the video embodies a kind of supernatural creature that collected the souls of wicked men. To tell the truth, the song was superior to video.

7. It is not very conscious of his beauty

In a interview with Glamour of the 2014he would make sure she did not make money with his appearance. And he explained: “I feel comfortable being short [mide 1,57 m.]. I feel comfortable being the things that I am. And I like to know that you are not expected to come out every year in the list of 50 Most Beautiful. That would be fucking stressful.”

8. Opened the Oscars 2015 with Neil Patrick Harris

It was with a tribute musical to the magic of movies and the talent of the nominees of that year. After sitting on the steps that descended the Cinderella of Kendrick in ‘Into the woods’, Harris received the visit of the actress, who was seeking his Jimmy Choo lost.

9. He has since published his memoirs

Launched in 2016, the book ‘Scrappy little nobody’ included a handful of (slightly scandalous) revelations. We learned, for instance, that until well into the twenties, Kendrick looked for love in men less appropriate. Or that the first time you had an orgasm with a certain boyfriend, he wanted to crash into the five. Or that during the promotion of ‘Up in the air’, I was so messed up that they stole a roll of toilet paper from a hotel.

10. Does not plan to make nude

So I do not see ‘Love life’ looking for that, even though it has sex scenes. “I never had a problem with simulating a sex scene; it has to do with the character, not me. But I only have one body, so nudity itself has to do with me,” he said in interview with the supplement ‘Sunday life’ of the ‘Sydney Morning Herald’. To ‘Mike and Dave looking serious bummer’ used a double body.


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