3 benefits of vitamin D for your health and beauty


Do you know the importance of the vitamin D for our physical and mental health? You may still not know or are not aware of the role in the functioning of our organism, but their presence at the appropriate levels, has excellent benefits for the mood and for the beauty of the skin.

And according to different research it is advisable to increase the amounts of daily consumption of this substance in the case of persons who by reasons of age, seasonal or confinement temporary can not be exposed to the sun, as this represents the main source for the body of this vitamin. Las two other ways of obtaining them is through some foods and vitamin supplements.

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Your state of mind and the skin-can benefit from receiving sun protection and a low to moderate

Properties and advantages

The contributions of this vital substance will strengthen the immune system to decrease the risk of infections, we will be less prone to fatigue, irritability, and nervousness. Even it is proven that it can be observed substantial improvement in mood, even in people who suffer from depression.

On the other hand, the levels suitable vitamin D are the health of the bone system. In the case of children and teens to strengthen their muscles and bones, while in adults it prevents to become weak and prone to fractures.

And is that the body produces vitamin D when the skin is exposed directly to the sunand although there is a scientific consensus about the exact time (may vary by geographical area, time and color of skin), it is estimated that if we receive sun baths for 10 to 20 minutes a day we could perceive between the 80% and 90% of the amount required by the agency.

However, the use of sunscreen, the clothing, and even the hours of the day can interfere with its proper absorption. Although a lot of fear and we know about the photo-aging due to the abuse of the sunbut if we take it with caution, we may even see improvements in the skin, eczema, acne, and other rashes –although it is always best to consult with your specialist to your particular case–. Even it is proven to help in cellular metabolism that may prevent aging of the skin.