Adele comforted Jennifer Lawrence, after seedling of your friends on your bachelorette party


In march Adele and Jennifer Lawrence celebrated the commitment of the actress at the gay bar Piecesin New York; but now the singer will organize your friend a bachelorette party in any form, in order to take away the bad flavor of mouth that left his attempt to make a party last time, so no one could attend.

The interpreter 31-year-old wants this bachelorette party for Jenniferof 28, be as reserved as possible, that is why it is taking maximum care of the details for you all to have fun —those who could not go to the festival express and other near— and eyedropper has given them the data to be present.

Adele he wanted to organize something for Jennifer and already started to send invitations for the party. Of time is top secret and some of the so-called have already received the information to be there; the promise is that it will be a celebration ‘very wild,’” said a source, who also clarified that for the top guests can have a great time, it will be very private.

Adele you want it to be a meeting very classic, as seems to be asked not to share anything on social networks, because there will be so many stars, and it is important that they feel relaxed and enjoy the evening, which surely will come to all, (including Jennifer) because they like to have a good time,” added the informant.

The meeting between Jennifer and Adele in march, he gave a month after the actress agreed with the corridor of art Cooke Maroneyand shortly after that Adele announced her separation from her husband Simon Konecki.

For the moment, Jennifer puts all his attention to his professional career, with his return to the big screen, was filmed in New Orleans, with a look of chestnut, in what will be the feature film debut of acclaimed theatre director Lila Neugebauer. Lawrence took a sabbatical after his appearance on X-Men: Dark Phoenix.