Adele spends his days of confinement in a luxurious mansin


The last weeks, the name of Adele has been heard in the portals of communication, given that she herself I shared through their social networks the amazing change physically when they are submitted.

The singer it was possible to lose around 70 pounds and this implic a major transformation in its mode food as also a great improvement in your health.

The artist, duea of a voice, amazing, it never ceases to amaze its fanticos due to the recently disseminated a few photos that expose his ostentatious residence.

The multinstrumentista britnica purchased this property located in the neighborhood where they live all the stars of Hollywood, as it is in the district of Beverly Hills.

It can be said that the composer have as neighbors anything ms and nothing less than Katy Perry and Cameron Diaz, two great celebrities of the entertainment industry.

Now, the famous 32 years ur very little regard to their private life on their platforms of the internet, trying to keep it all under lock and key so as to avoid any kind of habladuras.

However, in his profile of Instagram, the international star exhibi a small part of the luxurious home in which he spends his days of quarantine, and so that we could observe is completely a palace.

So you commented on some media, Adele there will be purchased this abode after his controversial divorce from the father of her child, Simon Konecki.