Alexa Dellanos presumed to be exercised body in a bikini top white dream for Instagram


The beautiful model Alexa Dellanos, or as many know it the beautiful daughter of Myrka Dellanos, enjoy full the power to consent to their followers on social networks.

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On this occasion we present you one of the photographs that you enjoyed most of your true fans, because it looks like from an angle very flirtatious showing off her figure in a bikini white.

The photograph is from some time ago, as in these times has made it difficult to take snapshots in your home, because it is not the same as the power going out and doing photo sessions extensive on the outside.

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Fans of the young came to the comment box to express in different ways how much they like and how much they enjoy watching it, although there are some users that are above the line and write in any that other shit.

Click here to see the bold photo of Alexa

Alexa is accustomed to the attention and fame so that does not bother you for nothing this kind of comment since learned to ignore them and only take the positive, since some people are very pretty with it.

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The model has shared on several occasions as it is that is happening this social distancing as when being at home has had a lot of time to exercise, read, meditate, and do some activities that in normal had no time to make.

However, it has also expressed its great concern at the situation, since one of the people that matter the most to you in life, or his mother, he is exposing a lot to continue working in full pandemic, Myrka Dellanos is a reporting professional, and has not stopped attending to their newsletter.

Through their stories Alexa has been zoomed in a little to his followers and has also shown To what content is consumed from the comfort of your room.