Ariana Grande amazes with her version of ‘Party in the USA’


Ariana Grande dares. The american artist has been shown on numerous occasions that nothing will brake, and that is able to sing any style of music that put him ahead, in a way that only she can do.

For years, the artist has left to see your party more fun and spontaneous to through various publications in their social networksand once more, thanks to Instagram we have been able to see is truly an artist when it simply is herself, and enjoy along with their friends.

The interpreter of ‘Thank u next’ it was one of the invited to the feast of celebration of american citizenship, which celebrated the wife of Scooter Braunhis famous and controversial manager.

Among those attending the exclusive party was also attended by Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato or Tori Kelly, spent a great day at the Ranch Saddle, that the employer is in West Hollywood and where he organized an evening with thematic american where the patriotic music was the great protagonist of the evening.

One of the songs that could not miss in the party was ‘Party in the USA’ of Miley Cyrus, and who better to interpret it than Ariana Grande, which quickly catch the microphone of the karaoke to the delight of the fortunate guests invited to the party.

The video of the version that was Ariana the famous song did not take long to run like wildfire on social networksbecause one of the guests shared some moments of the performance in your account of Instagram through several stories.

A performance that became so viral, that I get to own Miley Cyrus responded with 3 hearts to the version that became her friend one of his greatest hits that to this day continues to sing.