¡Ariana Grande went viral for a particular meme!


Beyond the success of the issue, the most important, revolves around conflict that was filming the music video, it was made “under the rain”. The idea was to be able to demonstrate how the two artists managed to overcome the bad drinks that made them pass the life, then, they chose that the video makes reference to a storm that covers them completely and they pull out in front of all forms. With a scenography and costumes-intergalactic, the proposal became more interesting.

However, Ariana confessed that it was anything but simple. In several videos that he shared on his official instagram showed just how complex it is to sing under the water and much more if you are there to perform a dance as prepared. So, after we decided to upload a meme that resembled a lot to his appearance in the video. Users appreciated that you would take this situation with a lot of humour and did not hesitate to tell you. “I love you literally with every beat of my heart”, “How well you look to take things with humour”, “I welcome your sympathy and your way of approaching situations”, “Always proving that adversity for you is not a problem,” “beyond the video, is the best duo of the last years”, were some of the messages that left to the artist.

Obviously, your image is viralizó in a few minutes and some of his followers encouraged him to bring more memes to keep playing with the joke.