Ashley Benson and G-Eazy are fueling rumors of romance with photos together from the beach


The actress continues to be displayed together with the musician after he finished his relationship with model Cara Delevingne.

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It was the 6th of may that confirmed the rupture of the relationship that kept the actresses Face and Ashley after two years of intense romance. Within A few days of this, it was learned that the supermodel had been taking refuge with their most faithful friends, however, the protagonist of Pretty Little Liars, preferred to continue with your life and try new adventures.

Then, after returning to the ranks of singleness, Benson began to be seen with G-Eazy, clearly immediately began to run a lot of rumors about a romance between them.

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However, a very reliable source shared to important u.s. media that in reality are not coming out, but they are definitely having a good time together, having fun and sharing, as this seems to be a very good distraction for Ashley, after what happened.

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“Connected after working together recently, but were still friends for a while and also have some friends in common,” said the source, who preferred to remain anonymous. However, this couple of friends, was seen again, what makes everyone think that truth is something else going on between them, because they look very happy together.

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The actress and the musician, on this occasion, were seen in Malibu, then took the decision to enjoy a little of the rays of the sun, on the beach, G-Eazy wore a t-shirt, black casual, instead Ashley chose to wear only your bikini, one pair of shorts and comfortable sunglasses.

Apparently, they rented a place in Malibu and shared the time together, joked, played and also saw very affectionate. After having fulfilled their mission, they went back to the car in which they arrived, nothing more and nothing less than a Ferrari color black, rose the most of the music and proceeded to leave the place.

It seems that Benson really is taking advantage of this “distraction”, hopefully you can recover soon from his break with the international model. It seems that we will continue to see accompanied by the musician on more occasions in the future.