Before Kylie Jenner was Rihanna: Travis Scott had a romance with the singer of Barbados


Travis Scott had a formal relationship and public with socialite Jenner of which turned out to Stormi, the little daughter of the former couple, however a couple of years before he was with Rihanna in a relationship that they wanted to hide from the public eye.

The daily Mail has revealed that the rapper had a relationship accidental, or fleeting with Rihanna, which was kept secret by decision of, apparently, the singer.

Such was the desire to avoid that their relationship has come to light that Scott was estranged from for some time with the co-host of the podcast Throwing Fits, Lawrence Schlossman, who in an interview asked the rapper about his relationship with the singer.

Schlossman explained:

“Gave an exclusive on him and Rihanna, which I was told not to do.It was in the 2015/16 when I wrote this. What I said was that (to reveal their romance) would harm the relationship of the magazine conTravis”.

In addition, Lawrence indicated that the request for maintaining the secrecy of the affair was not on the part of the rapper but a singer. About it the host said:

“During the following two years (Travis) complained of this, and it was not because he said “don’t tell anyone that I am with Rihanna”. It was because she asked “don’t tell anyone that I’m with Travis Scott for a favor.” Obviously it was something very shameful.”

It is not known when or why the relationship ended, however if you could start then from the collaboration of Scott with Rihanna for the song of the singer “Bitch Better Have My Money”.