Billie Eilish loud voice, and shares his opinion about the protests against racism


Billie Eilish turned to social networks to publicize their point of view about the protests triggered after the killing of the George Floydpointing out that you should not deviate the attention from the main theme, as this is the time to fight against racism.

The singer said that he was aware of the large platform that had to be able to communicate and express their points of view reaching other, so try to be respectful and thoughtful before you speak on important subjects, but after thinking about it for a few days, finally found the words that I wanted to share.

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Billie he said he was tired of hearing and reading people saying ‘all lives matter’, because if it is true, she seems selfish that other people use this movement to raise once more their own interests, even if they are not directly involved in the problem.

For Billieto say ‘black lives matter’, in no way means that the rest of the lives don’t matter, but that, given that the community afroamerica you have been a victim of violence and abuse simply because of their skin colour, this movement seeks to gain the respect they deserve.

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In addition, Billie Eilish he noted that it is intolerable that different minorities are affected by this type of discrimination, however, at this time is raising awareness about a particular case, and therefore must be respected and the phrase ‘black lives matter’ instead of to divert attention.

Recently Selena Gomez, Shawn Mendes and more artists have used their social networks to share your message against racism and for justice for George Floyd.

You can read the full text written by billie Eilish below: