BTS and Halsey relive the best moments of your friendship


There is No doubt that the boys of BTS we have been given many moments worthy of remembering along the 2019 and one of the moments most anticipated by all was her presentation with Halsey in the Billboard Music Awards. How can we forget what states they were at that time? The friendship of the singer and the idols gave a lot to talk about for a few months and now is the perfect time to remember as they recently unveiled the behind-the-scenes of the event. Are you ready to derretirte of love?

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One of the first moments we can observe in this video it was when Halsey he gave the idols a gift very special before its presentation: a few bracelets. The idols uncovered their excitement to receive this present that, although it was small, it meant a lot to them.

Later came the hour of trial ‘The Boy With Luv’ and, as expected, the laughs and the fun were there. There is a moment in which, while Halsey reviews one of the steps of the choreography, Jimin the notes very carefully and admiration that she was doing very well, so he did not hesitate to recognize your efforts. Aww!

This video shows how much effort the members of BTS and Halsey to show the public a presentation perfect it and go that did the job! The audience was thrilled to see the interpretation of The Boy With Luv‘and cheered for the famous. They could not avoid hugging and show their joy at the end of their show; this was the first time I had this song live, so it was a time very special for all.

The friendship of the guys BTS and Halsey it has been strengthened over time and experiences like this have not done more than strengthen the bond that exists between them. Have a look here at the video full BTS in the Billboard Music Awards 2019: