BTS left without work Cardi B, I really liked your version


BTS continues to break records, so much so that some of his fans have ensured that BTS could surpass The Beatles in sales, something that seems not so incredible in these moments.

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So much so that the famous rapper Cardi B said that the boys the djaron without work, because the south koreans interpreted one of its songs, the famous song “I like it”, and by the way did very well.

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He liked it so much to Cardi that she shared his concerns on their official social networks, commenting that it is a super good version, as it sang along to James Corden in a brisk moment.

The message that wrote the rapper on networks left to see what I thought about saying:“I am here in so vagrant, because hobi and joon I took the job.”

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Cardi B even resorted to a meme to represent their feeling, putting Squidward in their stage of hobo, one of the more funny, as the rapper took it with great humour.

Imagine being able to share a few moments together with the boys in a car, as this is what we lived James Corden, being one of the few that have had this luck, the host british of The Late Late Show, who handles the format of Carpool Karaoke. So that they could not fail to do so.

As you can imagine the good time that went by, since today was launched the video for you so you can see, not only sang but that the talk gave rise to several denominations. In fact there was even a duel between the boys.

Such has been the success of its assistance to the carpool, that was when Cardi B began wishing you much love through his twitter account, where he shared how the band sang their remix of Finesse along to Bruno Mars, something which by the way is heard very well.