Cara Delevingne consolidates its relationship with Ashley Benson


The supermodel shout your love for the star of Pretty Little Liars.

While Cara Delevingne was honored with the Award of Girl Up’s #GirlHero 2019 in Beverly Hills this Sunday night, the actress Carnival Row could not help praise your girlfriend Ashley Benson. “It is very nice to have someone in my life that support me so much and I love you,” he said to E! News. “I am the girl most fortunate of the world.”

Girl Up, an organization that promotes the leadership of women in developing countries, honoured the model for its defense of the LGBTQ community. “It’s a really big thing for me,” he shared. “Especially because I think that Girl Up is an organization so incredible.”

When asked what advice would you give to those who are struggling with their identity, Delevingne told them to remain proud of. “Just knowing that they all have the same problems,” said the actress Suicide Squad. “I mean, some people find it easier, but all have gone through that kind of doubt, like ‘really? Should I? How do I do it?'”

“It is a time and a place that is really difficult,” he continued. “But at the end of the day, if you love yourself, you honor yourself for being able to speak and have confidence in who you are.”

Those are words that she, too, has followed.

“That is the only way in which you’ll be able to find your family,” said Delevingne to E! News. “You know, we all have our family with which we are born, but all we find to our family, our tribe, where we belong. So, the only way to do this is by being honest. And even if you do not do well, even if you find that you identify one way but then switch to another, it does not matter. It is not something that needs to be fixed. Is fluid”.

Later that mismanoche, Benson took Instagram to celebrate your love, sharing a video of Delevingne accepting his award.

“So proud of you,” he said. “I love you @caradelevingne”.

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