Cardi B sings ‘Love Eternal from Rocío Dúrcal


That Cardi B is a fan of the Spanish folklore do not call as much attention as his looks to be about the house. The rapper doesn’t skimp on outfits and if the bikini is the most comfortable to be at home”, because for what we’re going to take the opposite…

The passion of Cardi B for the traditional Spanish folk music it is no secret. In September of last year we saw the sing ‘Something of me’ and ‘Never’ by Camilo Sesto as a tribute to the artist by his death. Girl listened to his songs and although he struggled to pronounce the Spanish you will notice that the artist knew the lyrics from beginning to end.

We do not know if the effects of the quarantine or is that Cardi B has given him an attack of nostalgia, but what is clear is that the young rapper has big musical referents. Was the mexican Juan Gabriel who composed Eternal Lovea theme that was popularized in the voice of Rocío Dúrcal.

The singer recognizes that in this song do not understand what the letter says but explains that sings in honor of her grandmotherthat it was when I was little. We love this crossover!