Cardi B supports the demonstrations against the murder of George Floyd


LOS ANGELES (united States).- While the protests in Minneapolis have opened a gap in the united States, Cardi B he has made it clear what side she is on. “Plunder in Minnesota and although I do not like this type of violence, it is what it is. Too many marches peaceful. Too many hashtags trend and NO SOLUTIONS! The people are left WITHOUT CHOICE”, tweeted the singer with a clip of a Target looted in Minneapolis.

The looting began when George Floyd, a man of color, died after being restrained by a police officer on the 25th of may. The protests generated a lot of controversy, especially among political figures as Tomi Lahren: “How will the looting, rioting and the destruction of their OWN community to bring justice to someone?”. In response, Cardi referred to: “How to attack, profiling, beating and murdering black men without consequence is like to serve and protect? Take care of your affairs and eat your salad!”.

The peaceful protests began in the same street where George tragically lost his life, as well as near the third station of the police precinct of Minneapolis. However, some protesters damaged “the windows of the building and patrols the paint them with graffiti”, and “the police with riot control equipment finally confronted them with tear gas and projectiles”, reported the Chicago Tribune. In response, the governor of Minnesota, Tim Waltz, activated the National Guard after signing an executive order.

Many fans supported the opinion of Cardi. One chose to share a GIF of Martin Luther King Jr. saying: “A riot is the language of the unheard”. Another fan echoed the words of Cardi when you write: “people are fed up of the peaceful protest is not doing anything at all.” Just before George died, the people were protesting the recent loss of Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor, who also were people of color.

The retweet of Cardi on the looting of Target ignited a heated debate. Many others did not agree that the protests should turn violent. “I fully support the protest. As a black person in the united States, our voices need to be heard. But I don’t understand why they need to steal Target.”