Chiquis Rivera admits that YES there are problems in your marriage it Scandal!


From days ago Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Mendez have been starring in the news most controversial in the world of entertainment, after discovering that they would be going through a crisis in your marriage that had been keeping separate.

It is worth mentioning that the rumor about their split started after it was revealed an alleged infidelity on the part of Lorenzo Mendezand although none of the singers has confirmed this fact, yes we have been able to see that are some problems.

Even a few days were caught in the middle of a fight to the outskirts of the house of Jacqie Rivera, sister of Chiquis and where the couple was celebrating the “Memorial Day”. However things do not turn out as they planned.

What is the truth behind the scandals?

Also Lorenzo Mendez was caught jumping the fences of your own home, to what many have noted which might be due to that the daughter of the Diva of the Band brought out the lead singer of his house without giving the keys of access.

After all these scandals without the relevant statements by the artists, many people began to point out that Chiquis Rivera was using the alleged problems in her marriage to promote her new single music alongside Becky G.

Chiquis Rivera admits that it has problems with Lorenzo Mendez

Using an interview to the program “Ventaneado” Chiquis Rivera finally admitted that yes there are problems with Lorenzo Mendez, but these leave a lot of versions that circulate on the social networks and means of communication.

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A statement that maintained subsequently during another of his interviews for “Drop the soup”, where the singer returned to confirm that your marriage effectively is in the midst of a crisis, but that both she and Lorenzo were doing well.

  • “Right now I don’t want to talk about the details but we are well. There is love, there is love and they are going to fix things one way or the other. But don’t believe all what they say and what they see.”