Confirm romance between Rihanna and Travis Scott, but what ended up Kylie Jenner?


Rihanna and Travis Scott would have left after their only collaboration.

Can you imagine a world without Stormi? because the story could be completely different, because the relationship that Travis Scott remained with Rihanna 4 years ago, and was relieved, but what ended up to blame for Kylie Jenner?

Travis Scott is a rapper who started to be on everyone’s lips after becoming a father of Stormi, the girl most millionaire in the world, who have as a mom Kylie Jenner.

And although it is the relationship most famous of Travis, Lawrence Schlossman and James Harris revealed on his podcast Throwing Fits, that he kept a “secret romance” with Rihannabut she never wanted to make it public embarrassment.

In 2015 Travis Scott and Rihanna they released the song “Bitch Better Have My Money”, and after this the rumors about his secret romance began.

According to Schlossman, was in the delivery in December 2015/January 2016 when he published an interview with the rapper where he referred to Rihanna as someone “inspiring” and “creative”, and asked you not to “I did that”, that is, not to write anything.

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Why? everything indicates that Rihanna I didn’t want anyone to know that she was dating the rapper, and during the podcast it was described as something “shameful.”

“It is not because you are like ‘don’t tell anyone that I’m lying down to Rihanna’. It is because Rihanna it says ‘don’t tell anyone that I’m with Travis Scott. It’s embarrassing, obviously”.

Although he asked nothing of what happened was revealed, the magazine published it, and the rumors about his romance became more large, and that same year they were caught in a private party together, where the people were assured that they were dancing very close together.

All this rumor that appeared in 2015 was confirmed by the journalists that in his time they interviewed Travis Scottbut there is no exact data on how much time they were supposedly together.

And only you know that Kylie Jenner confirmed its relationship with him in 2017, the same year in which Rihanna confirmed her romance with the businessman Hassan Jammel, who ended in January of 2020.