Controversial moment: Katy Perry crouches down and many details come to light I Look at her!


A few weeks ago they leaked a photo of the famous singer and actress Katy Perry in where he was on top of a stage doing a pose somewhat controversial, because he was wearing an outfit pretty outrageous.

Katy Perry since the year 2008 has managed to surprise his millions of fans with his beautiful voice and great ability to dance, bringing as a result of its incredible fame to such an extent that today it is one of the pop singers most influential until now.

Songs like “Hot N Cold”, “Last friday night”, “Roar” and “Dark House”, are some which have been in charge of fill out of fame to the wonderful artist, who by the way is found in the last few weeks to get to know your beautiful baby.

It is worth noting that the famous singer Katy Perry when mounted on a scenario, it becomes all a diva, performing his iconic melodies, and letting oneself be carried away by the heat of the moment And go that does it well!

In fact, on one occasion the famous one was photographed on top of a stage by performing a spirited choreography along with her dancers, and she wore an outfit of a heart attack, but not content with this, bent down, showing more divine than ever.

This photograph is one of the most sought after by their followers, as the famous appears more beautiful than ever, in fact there are very few snapshots similar where we can watch her posing in that way.