Demi Lovato and her provocative session of photos with her boyfriend – Infofueguina


In a few quarantine and coronavirus, everything is permitted -or at least, to-the-stars. And this time it was the turn of Demi Lovato, you post a few pics ms sexy together with your new partner.

In march we started to discuss the possibility that the actress was coming out with Max Ehrichand the rumors were cleared up when the singer “Sorry Not Sorry “public a resounding message around the trgica situation that criss-cross the african americans in the united States, after the murder with impunity of George Floyd. Lovato made your disclaimer and this was flattered by Ehrich. Ah knew the truth.

What they didn’t expect the fans was that the artist published a polemiqusimas photos with the actor. The scenario? The sink of your home.

The publication quickly is colm of likes and got ms of 1.2 million in just 21 hours. The comments were just compliments to the new couple.