Demi Lovato confesses to be very much in love with her boyfriend Max Ehrich

You can only give the reason. Demi Lovato is so in love that it uses an expression that leaves no doubt. “ilysfmiai” has written along with several snapshots in the that poses very affectionate with her boyfriend Max Ehrich. This apparent combination of letters without sense has a meaning very clear whether they are used separately, that is precisely what must be done to decrypt the message. “I love so much it’s actually insane,” which could be translated as “I love you so much that is crazy.” Can not say more clear, right? In addition, it is absolutely reciprocated by Max, which replicates exactly the same message on their social profiles. The reaction of the fans there is not that imaginársela, as they are all delighted to see her as well.

Demi Lovato and Max EhrichVIEW GALLERY

The couple poses in the pool and embraced, taking advantage of the great spring temperatures, and at the point of kissing. It was two months ago when it was confirmed the new relationship of the artist with the also singer thanks to a ‘slip up’ (there have been many during the quarantine period required by the health alert). The singer was playing the piano in a direct line with his fans, and Demi, without hearing that he’s warned, he entered the plane to arroparle with a blanket. When he realized what was happening, he ran away laughing, though the recording was already done. After that he came out of hiding and both of them have boasted of their relationship in the networks. Have shared several snapshots, and a clip dancing to the song Stuck with u, Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande, whose profits are destined for a worthy cause.

Demi Lovato and Max EhrichVIEW GALLERY

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A good influence for her

In one of its publications, the singer of Sorry not sorry he claimed that he was happy to share his time with someone who wants it as it is.” Max 28 years old (one more than Demi) and is a singer and actor. He rose to fame with the soap opera The Young and The restlessalthough I had already participated in Ugly Betty or the saga High School Musical as well as the secondary. She currently appears in the title Walk. Ride. Rodeo, which you can see in the platform Netflix. Sources close to the couple have been insured to E! News he is a good influence for her and they get along very well. Let us remember that the artist spent two years secluded from public life dealing with some addictions.

Demi Lovato and Max EhrichVIEW GALLERY

Demi found in Max, a new illusion after the past month of December put an end to his relationship with the model Austin Wilson. “Please, do not go after him. He is a good guy. A lot more than what people see on the outside just because they have tattoos. Ruptures are difficult for the two parties involved. So be kind and think,” said the actress and singer. Previously, Lovato had a relationship of six years with Wilmer Valderrama -with which she came to commit themselves – and, some time later, with the designer Henry Levy.

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