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Go to the pokémon that come out in these images are peculiar and worthy of a behind-the-camera that certainly fascinates the fans.

Despite the fact that in the beginning few wanted the live-action Pokémon Detective Pikachu was going to be a success, when it came to billboard last year and ended their run, their revenues at the box office worldwide exceeded the mark of US$430 million, showing that the idea of bringing the famous monsters famous in anime and video games was profitable, as efforts to adapt to the creatures with special effects actually worked together at a protagonist who did so well as Justice Smith.

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While Warner Bros. has not yet officially confirmed a sequel, rumors indicate that already are developing the initial work for the second movieand , given that the gains were not tremendous, but not low, it is very likely that this is true. But now it’s time to talk about some images that are causing curiosity among fans, because in the tape involving Ryan Reynolds and Omar Chaparro, there were some props that were used in the film, but don’t look so nice.

Pikachu, Mewtwo, Pangoro and Aipom they are the protagonists of these pictures that a user on Twitter discovered and that are all the more curious, showing that behind a film there are several elements that are fascinating, but not always disclosed to the public. In the case of this film, directed by Rob Letterman (The shark tale) there is no doubt that the work was hard, and it paid off, because they want to build a movie universe after this film.

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Another thing to highlight Detective Pikachu is that Danny DeVito (whom we saw in Dumbo) he was to be the voice of Pikachuhowever, they chose Ryan Reynolds: “it Was really fun, but I was not able to talk about all the reasons that Danny DeVito was not part of the cast. I love Danny, and perhaps after that occurs the film, we can share these first tests. It is absolutely hilarious,” said the actor behind Deadpool.

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And if you want to relive Detective Pikachu is available through HBO GO.