Did you know that ‘Still’ from The Factory is a cover of Britney Spears?


Britney Spears La Factoria
(Photo: Newsroom)

The be everyone in the house has made that users in Twitter let your imagination soar and to discover new theories of different topics. The most recent has been the one that relates to Britney Spearsthe princess of pop, with La Factoria and one of the most emblematic songs of the beginning of the century.

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It is said that Stillthe song La Factoriathat , despite the years is still playing in the best parties and meetings, in reality it is a cover of a song Britney Spears; but that, to date, very few had noticed this peculiar detail.

Britney Spears La Factoria

It is as well opened a new thread in Twitter where the users explain the relationship between Still and From the bottom of my heart; song of Britney Coarse that is part of the album Baby One More Timethe first of the princess of pop and which led to success in the music industry in the decade of the 90’s.

Baby One More Time Britney Spears
(Photo: Album Baby One More Time/ Britney Spears)

To find the similarity between both songs and interpretations it was necessary to advance the speed of From the bottom of my heart the Britney; only in this way is achieved to distinguish the lyrics and rhythm are almost the same.

Britney Spears La Factoria

There have been many reactions to the discovery, mainly of amazement to know that Still it could be a cover and not an original song, as it was believed. However, this theory has not been confirmed, so that it might be a simple similarity. Whatever the case, it is clear that both songs are iconic and if you do not already the recordabas, you can add them to your playlist, favorite through Clear music and #LaRedDeTusEmociones

So hear the song of Britney Spears.

Now Still from The Factory, where from minute 1:06 he sounds exactly the previous issue of the princess of pop. What coincidence? I don’t think so.

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Despite the fact that From the bottom of my heart debuted 4 years before that Stillis impressive the resemblance. And tell us, do you think that yes it is a plagiarism or just a great similarity of rhythms?

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