Does Ariana Grande reveals her new boyfriend in this video?


In the past Grammys, 2020, Ariana Grande wore as a princess with a romantic and feminine gray dress, haute couture designed by Giambattista Valli.

After 4 years of absence in the awards more important to the music industry Ari shone on the red carpet of this event and also in your scenario, where he interpreted some of his greatest hits, such as ‘Thank U’, ‘Next’ and ‘7 Rings’. But this is not the only surprise that the pop star would give us in this month…

Apparently, Big could be giving you a new opportunity to love and that could prove one of the last videos that was taken of the singer, without her even realizing it.

Does Ariana Grande has a new boyfriend?

So far, the actress also has not given any official statement confirming that they have sentimental partner. However, TMZ shared a few hours ago a video in which Ariana appears seated in the exclusive Bar Louie in Northridge, California, next to a mysterious boy when that came up on more than one occasion, to kiss him.

Around 40 minutes later, they departed the place with a group of friends (who was also at the table where they were Ariana and her companion) so that the appointment took on a vibe more friendly and relaxed.