Exestrella adult film Mia Khalifa surprised his followers with his costume for Halloween


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This Thursday 31 October 2019, the world is preparing the celebration of Halloween. In addition to being a popular symbol the cult of the deadthe Night of the Witches it also has another hue: the makeup and the diversity of costumes to ‘scare’ the evil spirits. Not only form part of the traditionbut they have become trendsespecially for personalities of the industry the entertainment as the exactriz of the adult film, Mia Khalifa.

As a nod to the celebration, the young man -26 years – shared a picture last Saturday, October 26, as his costume prior to Halloween. In the picture it appears with a suit two parts and ears of cat. With a makeup simple, Khalifa surprised his followers.

She accompanied the publication with a text in the that told to the networks your plan startsl was going out to share with their friends. “My plans sand it was cancelled so I was not going to let this ‘look’ it waste’. So I asked my friend I take a photography for pretend that we left” he recounted.

Until the afternoon of Friday, the publication amounted to a million and a half, ‘I like it’ and drove tens of fans to praise Khalifa. Also, some of their followers they recalled the interview of the exactriz offered in August 2019. the international chain of BBC news. “You are brave and beautiful. After what you went through in that industry, it is good to see you as well,” commented user @jerfsolo.

During the dialog with the team of reporters of BBC, the youth talked about how he got involved in the film industry for adults when he was 21 years old.

She -of Arabic origin – rose to fame when he appeared in a video sexual content carrying a hijab. A garment, used by women muslim to cover your hair and your neck. The film caused such controversy that even led to the actress receiving death threats on the part of supporters of the terrorist group Islamic State.


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