Fifa Women’s World cup 2019: Alex Morgan rising the voice against inequality and against Trump | Sports


To understand the figure of Alex Morgan, the star status able to make it happen any thing in a football game, it is for example the 35th minute of the match between the united States and Germany of 9 march 2016 in a stadium in Florida. The women’s team north american was losing 1-0 when Morgan received a long pass in the race with a boat is very high. Entered the area, made a hat to the advocate the German and shot to the goalkeeper. After stumbling with the goalkeeper, he rose up smiling and gave him time to tinker a bit with the ball while the female companions came up to hug her.

The left-handed gold of the selection of the united States he made his debut with his team the next day 11 in the World cup in France with an international authority to which they have come to a few players. It will be the third World for Alex Morgan, 29-year-old, who has played 12 matches world cup. It is the third most matches after Ali Krieger and Carli Lloyd. Has scored three goals in the competition, but has never had your World. This time it is your World.

She is the leader in the field. But outside of him, Morgan has emerged as a voice for equality, with special impact in the united States. The last Women’s Day, march 8, Morgan and his colleagues of the national selection presented in a court in Los Angeles a lawsuit against the football federation of the united States for pay discrimination. In the united STATES are as well known as the men’s team. They have won three World cups (1991, 1999 and 2015), and have the record audience for a football match in the country. And, however, between salary and variable, can only aspire to earn 38% of what men earn. In addition, they reported the lack of support from the federation in equipment and facilities.

The name Morgan appears first in the demand. “At some point there is that stand,” said Morgan in an interview magazine cover Time the past 3 of June. “How can it be that we have had to fight all this time, year after year?”. At another time, completely rejects the idea that the athletes should not get into politics. Criticizing president Donald Trump and says that if they win the World Cup and invited to the White House, she will not go.

The magazine had previously included on its list of the 100 most influential people in 2018. The legend in women’s american football Mia Hamm wrote on it: “As a mother of two girls of 12 years, I understand perfectly the impact that Alex has in this generation of girls. No one matches their commitment to providing a positive example and I am incredibly grateful that the future of our game is in such good hands”.

Alexandra Patricia Morgan started playing football at the age of 14 in his institute of Diamond Bar, a suburb east of Los Angeles. He has international experience since he joined the team sub-20 at the age of 17, while studying at the University of California at Berkeley, and played on the varsity team, the California Golden Bears. Scored the winning goal in the World cup u-20 France, 2008.

He has on several occasions said that the push for wanting to be a professional found in Spain. In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Morgan explained that he understood the truth of the power of football when he went to Madrid to spend a few months at the end of their first year of university. I was going to the pitch with a ball and it began to appear people to play. They were men “of 40 or 50 years, drinking wine and smoking,” says Morgan in the interview, “and I was a white girl american that I could barely have a conversation.” Earned his respect with goals from mid-field, account. “Madrid made me love the universal language of football”, says Morgan. “The time I spent in Spain was when I discovered the world of football”.

For years, his coaches had stressed that it was a player power, able to sprint at any time from the inside left position. It is lethal when he gets the ball entering in the race by the left peak of the area. Their collections of goals are filled with zurdazos the second stick hits. In his official biography of the national team said their coaches called it Baby Horse because it doesn’t run, she gallops.

From 2015 plays in the Orlando Pride. It is the sixth top scorer of the league (who is six years old) with 35 goals in 87 matches. In December 2014, he married fellow footballer Servando Carrasco, 30 years old, who then played in the Orlando City. Last year, Carrasco, mexican origin, he signed for THE Galaxy and now live 4,000 miles from each other.

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