Filtered out a few messages of Ariana Grande criticizing other artists


Always be very careful with what is said of others, especially if it’s through an application, where conversations are recorded. In the case of a famous person, precautions should be maximized because you never know who you can filter out some content that end up being problematic. That is what, apparently, you just happen to Ariana Grande, who have filtering a few messages where critical artists such as Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato.

The charge of bringing to light those comments have been Pop Craveone of the blogs most important news of the united States. It is some screenshots of direct messages from Instagram where Ariana Grande was at ease talking bad about some companions of profession.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande

When his interlocutor asks him about his meeting with Selena Gomez in Grammy, Ariana Grande answers that you do not know very well the singer, but that moment was “very false”. The ex-girlfriend of Justin Bieber returns to receive when the alleged Ariana Grande he says his songs do not cause nothing and that you don’t remember when was the last time you heard a song from Selena Gomez.

But Sele is not the only criticized in these conversations of Instagram. Demi Lovato, a partner of Ariana, with whom he also shares a manager, also goes wrong stop. The screen shots show such as Ariana Grande have claimed that their songs does it make you feel anything.

Ariana Grande performing at the Grammys

Ariana Grande performing at the Grammys
(Robert Gauthier / EP)

The third artist to be criticized by Ariana Grande is Camila Cabello. The singer 7 Rings says in the screenshots that the theme that the artist afro-cuban plays with Shawn Mendes, Missit’s boring.

For the moment, Ariana Grande

or has claimed or has denied these claims,
even though his fans believe that in a short time it will do so because the singer tends to use their social networks to clarify some of the intricacies of this type.


Obviously you have created two sides: one that defends extremism, Ariana Grande, believing that these talks are false and that have been edited, and another charge against the artist for being a fake and criticize their partners.