Halsey has just released his album ‘Manic’ and is already eligible as a Gold disc


After a long wait, Halsey has come up with a new album.

It is ‘Manic’her third studio album, which the young man of 25 years worked since last year when she pulled out the first single ‘Without Me’.

In addition to the above-mentioned success, ‘Manic’ it includes the other simple ‘You Should Be Sad’ and ‘Graveyard’, as well as 13 other songs that round out the 47-minute duration of the album.

‘Manic’, which is a continuation of his most recent album Hopeless Fountain Kingdomincludes collaborations with Suga of BTS, Alanis Morissette and Dominic Fikewho assist the work of Halsey through interludes.

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Although the album was just released, the same is already eligible for a certificate of the RIAA as a Gold record. This, of course, is due to the explosive success of the single ‘Without Me’, which reached the top of the list of popularity Billboard Hot 100 over a year ago and has been certified as a simple six-times Platinum, also by the RIAA, for U.s. sales exceeding 6 million units.

Units of 10 songs are the equivalent of the sale of an album, which means that ‘Manic’ has accumulated 600,000 units equivalent to one album only under the force of ‘Without Me’, reports Forbes, thus exceeding the 500,000 units required for certificate of Gold.

‘Without Me’ became the single most successful of Halsey as a soloist in the list Billboard Hot 100. It follows the song ‘Closer’ of The Chainsmokers in the year 2016.

The song (Without Me) led the list of successes for two weeks non-consecutive last January and became a phenomenon of the streaming, accumulating more than 900 million views on Spotify.

In addition, Halsey has already been at the top of the list of albums Billboard 200 with Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, album that demonstrated his ability to fill arenas. With ‘Without Me’, Halsey just sealed her rising status as superstar.

Despite the fact that ‘Without Me’ help ‘Manic’ to achieve the Gold certification, the numbers of the song will not count for the sales of the album and its positioning on the Billboard 200, so it is expected that the u.s. will achieve again the number 1, because you might not have any competition, substantial (with the exception of the album posthumous Mac Miller, ‘Circles’).