Halsey surprise with this version of ‘Girlfriend’ with Avril Lavigne

The artists we have been delighted everyone with a new version of the song ‘Girlfriend’, filling the stage with nostalgia, Halsey and Avril Lavigne have teamed up to sing together this song that is already a classics in the genre of pop rock.

If anything, we have no doubt is that Halsey is also a great artist, a good organizer of parties. On the occasion of Halloween, the singer wanted to celebrate un event that will bring together music, good atmosphere and the rock stars of the decades from the 60s until the 90sso that Halsey told the guests that they should go disguised as a famous singer of those years.

The party was attended by many known faces, among them the singer Avril Lavigne that is one of the artists most valued in the music scene. Apparently the reference to the pop rock of the late 90’s has decided to go back tospués 5 years away from the music to the stage and has wanted to do it with a lot of energy.

If something is not in doubt is that in the discmans of all the millennials in your dreams as a minimum once the topic ‘Girlfriend’ of Avril Lavigne, other tracks from the singer as ‘Complicated’ or ‘Sk8er Boi’ became the soundtracks to the lives of many teens to the early 2000’s.

The well-known song ‘Girlfriend’ has returned to ringing after a long time, twelve years after that this song come to light, has returned to the lives of all of us, to leave us without words, plunging an arrow of nostalgia, Avril Lavigne and Halsey have versioned the song during the party and we have not been able to avoid that we jump off any lagrimilla.

Halsey that we had caught earlier in imitation of Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber, chose to dress up as Marilyn Manson for this occasion, Avril Lavigne, for its part was inspired by the Madonna of the 80’s. The two took to the stage and left us all with the mouth open. The topic ‘Girlfriend’ rang in Los Angeles and after were thousands of fans from other parts of the world who were stunned to the momentazo.

Social networks have not been slow to catch fire, the videos of that time have already been made viral and there are thousands of comments about it. Even the celebrities who attended the party Halsey could not control his emotion and also wanted to share as they lived that time.

And is that all this is completely logical since the song was in his time a success and today, it is almost an anthem of that era. Avril Lavigne got with ‘Girlfriend’, more of a gold and platinum.

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