How dangerous! Look in strange new hobbit Shakira’s What they will think of their children?


Shakira has left all her fans shocked to disclose in their networks in one of his many pastime

Shakira is a colombian women most important and famous today because she has managed to be known all over the world with its beautiful and catchy songs.

In addition, it is important to mention that she has been characterized as a multifaceted woman as not only dances and sings, he also plays several musical instruments and speak perfectly 4 languages.

On this occasion we have found in the official account in instagram Shakira evidence that verifies their new and dangerous hobbit, this is nothing more and nothing less than the “skateboarding”

In the audiovisual material, you can see the beautiful colombian move on the skateboard with total control of the situation, leaving evidence that is not only good for singing and dancing What a beauty!

As was expected, fans of the colombian were not long in getting comments such as: “This peeled makes todoooo… me quito el sombrero”, “I love You Shakira, thanks for not stop to surprise us”