how old is Vegeta in reality?


Vegeta first appeared in Dragon Ball Z as a villain, cruel and bloodthirsty, but Akira Toriyama decided to adopt it as one of the Warriors Z and the fans became soon one of the most beloved characters of the story.

The popularity of Vegeta is so much I snatched Gohan the role of deuteragonista that would be originally for the child on top of goku. In Dragon Ball Super, the story focuses definitely in this duo and even the current events of the manga could go to setting the way for the prince to be the hero this time.

But, let’s talk about something that almost is not taken into account in the world of Dragon Ball: the age of the characters. While some, like Roshi and Uranai Baba count their years lived in hundreds, there are others such as Buu or the Moor, which have existed for millions of years. Fortunately the stars have ages more “normal”, as is the case of Vegeta. The prince saiyan is only a couple of years older than Gokú and for being of the race of warrior saiyan, old age will not come soon, as happens with the earthlings.

How old is Vegeta?

According to the official chronology of Dragon Ball, published in the Daizenshuu, Vegeta was born in 732, the same as Raditz, brother on top of goku; and that is Broly, this, according to the updated chronology after the events of Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

The prince is only a year older than Bulma, Yamcha and the missing Launch(children born in 733), and is five years older than Gokú (737).

Taking into account that the anime of Dragon Ball Super ended in the year 780, Vegeta would have at the end of this show the sum of 48 years, although the events of the manga are dated in the year 781 (like the appearance of Broly), so that the current age of the saiyan is 49 years old.

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But here we are not taking into account the time that passed Vegeta in the Room of the Time. In the Saga of Cell, the prince entered twice, once with Trunks and after a time only. In addition, as in Super, came along with Gokú to train three days (three years), as preparation towards the Tournament of Champa. All of this gives a week for five years.

So the true age of the prince saiyan is 49+5, 54 years old, the same that have personalities like Halle Berry, Patrick Dempsey, and Adam Sandler.

By the way, taking into account the same data, Gokú have now 48 (44+ 4 spent in the Time Room. It is clear that the saiyan does not age.

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