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Kendall Jenner it is one of the models that use the most Instagram Stories to be in contact with his followers, which number in the millions. Such content often becomes viral in a jiffy on various social platforms.

Between this is a photograph that the muse did with their mobile and spread as a story a month ago. There, she is featured wearing a mask of black.

The image has been taken by several of the followers of the muse to encourage the use of face mask. Here we leave that selfieperhaps Kendall Jenner never imagined that they would become so popular in these times of quarantine.

This is the photo that he took Kendall Jenner. ( (@kendalljenner)
This is the photo that he took Kendall Jenner. ( (@kendalljenner)

“The picture of Kendall Jenner it will be vital for thousands created to use respirators is essential in the war against the coronavirus in the world,” said a tweeter.

What is more likely is that the image continue to be shared massively to convince those who did not believe in the use of face mask.


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