It can’t be, what a shame! Selena Gomez sits down and in a neglect of this happened


Selena Gomez stops to photograph sporting a often dress and stop sighing all Instagram Look at why!.

Selena Gomez let photograph wearing a often dress and stop sighing all Instagram Look at why!.

The talented singer once again amazes all of your followers and fans to pose in front of the cameras wearing a narrow mesh dress black that an oversight left to see more of the account, speeding the heart of all of the internet users.

The american singer Selena Gomez in addition to being recognized for her impressive voice has become a reference in fashion and style, trapping the gaze of thousands of people.

Recently in social networks there appeared a photograph retro Selena that caught the attention of the fans. In the image shown at the ex Justín Bieber sitting in a chair with a look cheeky and wearing a dress super short black color combined with mesh golden. But what is striking in the picture, is that the singer is a neglect or provocation, it lets see a lot more than usual, not caring about anything.

It is important to mention, that lately the artist has been involved in heavy scandals together also a singer Justin Bieber, because in a time past had a cute romance and were one of the couples most beloved of showbiz.

Days ago, Selena Gomez he shared in his account of Instagram a photograph that left many thinking and doing that created a rumor that I had finally overcome the separation of his ex-partner, to be photographed in the swimming pool of his mansion with a mysterious young boy.

What will be your next romance, what do you think?