“It was already enough”: Salma Hayek is pronunci before a fatdico event that occurred in the united States


Like other personalities in the show, Salma Hayek it has been shown in disagreement with the deplorable acts that involve individuals of dark complexion in the united States, and recently emiti your opinion about it.

Using your profile’s official Instagram, the protagonist of “Frida Kahlo” post a video, in which you see some banners and protesters of one of the past accidents recorded for posterity in EE.US, and in which accuses several policemen.

Apparently a member of security asfixi a man (George Floyd), because it opona to be led to his imprisonment. And the fatdico outcome for the citizen was the subject of protests in communities of color.

The tragedy is not the end all, but it was shown that four officers participated in the fact, although only one has been guilty of hurting with his knee to George, and that is why they also apelarn before a trial.

This will not be the only case that looks at the nation in america, where it is very frequent for the death of people by social prejudices, and the Hollywood star wanted to send a statement of solidarity to those affected.

“Already was enough a long time ago. How many more lives will be lost before this is over?” #justiceforgeorgefloyd

Through a written the diva of 53 years she asked rectificacin to those that threaten the existence of innocent, and then your message got more than 150 thousand copies, and super 400 comments of their fanticos.

Apart from the famous mexican other artists have joined the call, such as, for example: Eva Longoria, Eiza González, Demi Lovato and Luis Fonsi. Those who are active in their online platforms, repudiating events of such magnitude.