Jennifer Lawrence: “The pay inequity sparked a fire in me” | People and Celebrity


Jennifer Lawrence is one of the faces most well-known of Hollywood. After his participation in the saga of The hunger gamestheir successes in the box office are the norm, and the international awards they begin to count by tens. However, the charismatic actress of 28 years has decided to take this year to focus on his activism, particularly in the organization Represent Usthe struggle against political corruption, and focuses especially on raising the awareness of young americans.

“My fight attempts to limit the influence of money in politics, help young people to understand the system and find a way to cure our government from the inside,” says the Oscar winner the magazine Madame Figaro in its latest edition. “Corruption is a disease that is spreading. At this point, our president is not the problem, but the ways of doing of our government. Our democracy is in danger”, he continues.

“Support to the actors and directors who say: ‘I Just want to make movies and I don’t want to be stigmatized by my political opinions,’ but that does not correspond to my way of being,” says the actress. “In a moment I thought I could keep quiet and not share my fears and beliefs as a citizen, but the more I learned, the more I tried to understand and analyze what was happening in politics, the less I was able to maintain calm,” he maintains.

Lawrence has spent several months working in this partnership. In parallel to trying to pass anti-corruption laws in different States, the main protagonist of Sparrow Red visited, in January, a group of students in the Cleveland High School of Ohio to talk about politics. “There is a real difference when someone, who is only 10 years older than us, coming in to speak about the problems of the policy. When she said: ‘It’s your turn’, really made me think, ” he said in his time one of the students to E! News.

These cravings cause a change in the system were also part in their struggle for wage inequality between men and women in the mecca of cinema. “To be a woman in a professional environment, very male, having to constantly negotiate and continue to face against a wall is not easy,” said the interpreter, born in Kentucky. “You can have merit, success, but always you’re going to end up crashing with that obstacle, you can’t have relationships of equal to equal,” he continues. “It gives Me a lot of anger. Like most of my colleagues, I could not not react, to just sit in my corner and say: ‘Oh, I’m a woman, so it is only natural that I pay less and treat me differently’. This state of things, the wage inequality, sparked a fire in me”, adds the one who gives life to the character of Mystique in the saga of X-Men.

While the actress takes time focused on the activism, already starting to plan their next projects. The latest is the recording of the movie Burial Ritesdirected by Luca Guadagnino, in which the incarnation of Agnes Magnúsdóttir, a woman accused of murder, sentenced to death and executed in Iceland in 1829. “It is a deeply moving film, quite dark, inspired by a true story and centered on a character very powerful. I accepted this role immediately, after reading the book, Hannah Kent, which is the basis of the script,” says Lawrence.

At the same time, the interpreter recently presented a short commercial of the fragrance Joy, created by Christian Dior and is inspired by the actress herself. This it is a bet important to the house, as it becomes the first to launch a perfume original (that is to say, that is not a version of another already known) for nearly two decades, since the arrival of J’adore in 1999. “I worked with François Demachy [nariz de Dior] for about a year and when I walked in for the first time in his laboratory, in Paris, I was fascinated by the mysterious charm of the place and its way of working, as an alchemist for an elixir of long life”, he says. “I like what inspired Joy of Dior: a search for light, abstraction, paints pointillist. I love art in all its forms, poetry, literature”, adds the actress.