Jennifer Lopez boasts of muscles in a bathing suit


Jennifer Lopez | EFE

May 29, 2020
(14:42 CET)

At the beginning of 2019 Álex Rodríguez asked marriage to Jennifer Lopez. A proposal that JLo accepted to the first and even hung pictures on the net. In the account of Instagram of both you could see snapshots of the moment of the order.

Everything pointed to that they would soon pass by the altar. Alex and Jennifer they were anxious to seal their love.

But eventually the couple decided to postpone the wedding. Made public in 2019 not certificarían his love. The official reason made public responded to that JLo I wanted to focus on their work.

An argument that many put in doubt. Ran by the network, the rumor that the real reason for the postponement of the wedding were the alleged infidelities of the former baseball player to the singer. However, time showed that the arguments were certain. And is the diva of the Bronx it did not stop even for a moment.

Without rest

He first worked on the filming of Hustlersthat had to Jennifer five months recording the tape. Later was involved in the tour It’s My Party: The Live Celebration, which dragged on throughout the summer.

Jennifer Lopez Hustlers

Once finished the tour, JLo he put hands to the work with the promotion of the premiere of the film, while already prepared to venture into another film project that he was working in October.

And all enlivened with the launch of the single Medicinewith video clip included. And of course, with so much hustle and bustle would not have had time to organize a party on terms and conditions and the height.

But regardless of whether they marry or not, little or nothing had to do with the rhythm which then led to the that has led to this 2020. The new yorker began acting in the rest of the SuperBowlheld last February 2 in the Hard Rock Miami. But shortly after the crisis broke out, the coronavirus, which obliged him to be confined in the house as a whole United States.

Jennifer Lopez boasts of muscles in a bathing suit

Since then we have hardly seen the singer. And we will see if the situation is prolonged during the summer. A fact lamented by many, and many of their fans, who want to see him again JLo in full action. And also boasting tipazo en-suit bathroom, as it usually always arrives the summer season.

Or as in the following snapshot, published last summer, shortly after he met 50 years. An image of these in which makes clear its spectacular state of shape and profiled and worked on that has the muscles.