Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner and the friend chafardero broadcast your wedding


Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner they were married in Las Vegas in early may and the wedding, things for the millennials, was streamed live via Instagram by Diplo, young DJ very close friend of Jonas. And he was a little thug. So I explained Jonas in a recent visit to the program of radio london’s ‘Capital Breakfast With Roman Kemp’.

Diplo has prepared a series of surprises in the famous chapel Little White Wedding after the awards Billboard Music Awards and the Jonas criticized as well: “you Ruined my wedding”. Of course, exaggerated, in jest. “I love Diplo but he loves over Instagram that a child of 13 years. Published every five seconds. Put us in direct filters, with the face of a dog”. The laughter in the study were general. In fact, Jonas and Turner enjoyed a lot with all the crazy things Diplo.


The young couple has not yet made their honeymoon trip because of her busy schedule: she, already very famous, having been Sansa Stark in Game of Throneshas the promotion of X-Men: Dark Phoenixand he will be busy with the release of the next album of the Jonas Brothers, Happiness Begins, which will be released on the 7th of June.

In any case, are clear that they will not tell you the instagrammer what is the destination of that journey from newly-weds, not whether it appears by surprise and is made to transmit more than what is due.