Karol G: the men who conquered it before Anuel AA


It is undeniable that Karol G in addition to being talented she is a woman very beautiful, attributes which when combined, have led us to break new ground inside of the urban world, causing many suitors want to get closer to her.

And certainly, Carolina Giraldo Navarro, his real name, has had a love life lively with the other characters of the music until finally, he came to know that seems to be his prince charming: Anuel AA, your current fiance.

The times that cupid flechó Karol G

One of the first romances in which she was involved was with DJ Chez Tomwho musicalizing the concerts Reykon when she was just his back up singer, and not even encouraged to sing as a soloist.

According to Heabbi, was not a lasting relationship but marked the first time that the public saw her in lovein the years when he began to gain fame.

Some of the singers with whom she was involved for alleged love affairs were Reykon, denied by both, J Balvin whom he has known since he was a teenager, producer Daniel Oviedo and Sebastian Yatrawith the that supposedly there was only friendship but also a kiss.

Karol G With your current partner, Anuel. – Instagram

According to the same media there was some flirting between the two that led to the interpreter “no longer has a boyfriend” to make him confess that he would steal a kiss from the artist while touting a simple, which finally happened in front of cameras, but not learned more.

Overcome these episodes it is also related to Bull Nene, who in effect did your most recent relationship before you begin your relationship with Anuel.

He is well known for being the music producer of many hits of the genre but, even though I had affinity, they decided to cut their link as they could not complement the relationship with so many work commitments, leaving him alone in a friendship.

Finally, there is Anuel, really Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago, who has become the love of his life to such an extent that tatuaron their names and he did the same with a picture of both of them in the back.

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