Katy Perry bragged about her pregnancy, wearing a luxury dress silver Balenciaga


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The fans are excited to get to know the daughter of Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom. With the day of delivery each time closer, the singer is already in the final stretch to welcome your baby.

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Recently, the interpreter of Firework be honest in an interview about how challenging it has been to pass the pregnancy in quarantine, being constantly on a “roller coaster” of emotions.

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Driving your way the feelings that will cause both the pregnancy as well as the current contingency, Katy shares constantly on their social networking details of their day-to-day.

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To be a mom-to-be, in various photos showing how you will grow your cute baby bumpbut of course: without losing the style.


The long dresses became their favorites to be very comfortable and loose fitting. With an incredible garment color plated, Katy posed in front of the mirror in his most recent hit fashionista.

Using his tummy as a reference humourous with regard to the failed launch of SpaceX, the model showed how well that will feel the motherhood showing off your figure.


The clothing seen in the photo is a quoted piece of Balenciaga: it has a value of 4,400 us dollars (about 100 thousand mexican pesos).

Go! It seems that the interpreter of Swish Swish be aware of what is cute (and of course you will not make exceptions for your future baby.) Because we want to see your outfits coordinated with the small that comes in his way.

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