Katy Perry lives a spiral of emotions during the quarantine


The singer Katy Perry passes the quarantine with his partner the actor Orlando Bloomboth have tried to keep busy during the confinement.

During an interview in Radio.com Perry mentioned feeling in a downward spiral of emotions: “it Is a real-time, real to me. I feel all the feelings. I am a planner I Am a super planner”.

In turn, he noted: “And in the past, I have been a fanatical perfectionist or control of the court, and all the fans of the cutoff control perfectionist are in a spiral at this time. So, I’m spiralling a little bit”

The singer lives the uncertainty of not knowing what will happen, since they still continue the measures to prevent spread of Covid-19 in Los Angeles, where she and Orlando residing, for Perry to continue with the indications given by the health professionals is important, and more now during your pregnancy.

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The mom-to-be 35 years of age, has been compared with the animated character “Sherk” due to that gained weight with pregnancy, in addition to pointed out that Orlando is becoming “Hulk” as the actor of 43 years, takes advantage of the time to exercise your body.

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Finally, Katy, pointed out that it also gives to cry in these days of confinement and searches for space to do so, confessed that he used his car to be able to cry quiet, it climbs up to the vehicle, which is parked outside his house, and closes the door for anyone to see.