Kim Kardashian and her reaction to the call leaked of Taylor Swift and Kanye West


Does the opinion of Kim? Taylor leaked the new audiovisual materials with the purpose to increase the sales of her album ‘Lover’.

‘Never edited the montage (another lie). Just posted some clips on Snapchat to show my point of view and the recent full video that has been posted to leaks, does not change the narrative’, said Kim in her tweet.

Kanye, as an artist, you have every right to document their journey and musical process, just as she did in his recent documentary’, added Kardashian in another tweet, by referring to ‘Miss American’, the new production of Swift on Netflix where he talks about how hard it was for her the moment West stole the micrófano at the VMAS.

‘In another post, Kim also said: ‘Kanye has documented the creation process of his album for your personal fileeither way , it has never released to the public for purposes of consumption, and the call between the two of them would have remained private or would have been thrown in the trash if she hadn’t lied and I would have been forced to defend it’. In saying this, the wife of Kanye also criticized the fact that Taylor has recorded moments of the creation of your album to include in your documentary on Netflix and get profits from it.